Friday, September 21, 2012

Restored Relationship

I had just left the coffee shop where I had an epic fail on my apology! I thought that was the end of it; that I wasn't going to ever hear from Sarah again. I got in the car and did my best to shake the whole thing off. I was meeting Kim (my ex-wife) in half an hour. But it was hard to shake off what had just happened. I really wanted that one to go well. More so than the others. I whispered under my breath "Ok God, I did it" I was being facetious…and honestly feeling a little defeated. I guess I anticipated it going better than it did.  I thought if this had really been the Lord’s will, He would have had it go better. 

Ok, so now I'm going to skip over the Kim and Ted stuff (those will be in the next blogs). I had just finished my meeting with Kim and was driving away to find Ted. As I'm driving I get this text from an unknown number. It's Sarah. In short, she said she was willing to meet that night to talk more about my letter. My jaw dropped! Now, I was riding high! Unfortunately, that was soon squashed by the conversation with my step father. But I’ll tackle that in a later post.
  Ok, so it's later that night. I'm leaving the church. I'm meeting Sarah at 10:15 in Riverfront Park by the Bloomsday Monument. I'm on one side of the field with Leeroy and had gotten there a little early. I see her walk up and sit on the edge of the monument with her back to me. I walk up from behind, ready for anything that comes my way. I was feeling a renewed sense of resolve for this talk. She turns around and I'm braced for a fight or some drama but no, she is smiling from ear to ear. She hugs me and says “sorry I was such a b*!<# this morning”.  Ok pause! I completely stopped in my tracks. What? This is nothing like earlier that day.
  We walked to the other side of the field, and sat in the grass.  LeeRoy is just chillin, eating grass and hangin nearby. *SIDE NOTE* I would like to point out how crazy it is to have a goat in the middle of all of this... Hahaha!!! Ok, so there we were sitting, laughing awkwardly. Neither of us knew what to say. And our vibe -It was still there! Like we were friends! I mean we had a lot of healing to do, but there was openness and just realness . It wasn't stressful, but surprisingly comfortable. She finally breaks up the giggling and starts with this comment "your letter didn't suck" hahaha! Oh man, we just giggled. We exchanged small talk for a bit and then she hit me with another funny line… She says "so I mean this in the nicest way, and I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but when did you learn how to spell?" We died of laughter. She is soo right too! Anyone who knows me knows I am terrible at spelling and grammar. 

 Soon the convo changed and turned intense. A few very important statements were made. We had been talking about how we would be friends going forward and she made this statement. "I think for me the best way is not to try and bring up even the good moments in the past… we should just move forward from this moment on." I thought that was important. Even the good moments at this point to her feel like lies. She can't separate them from the hurt, which I understand. She also said " I was not sure how you could ever fix the things you did to me in the past and I never thought we could do this, but I guess God is fixing them for you". I was just shocked. I finally asked her, "Why are you here?" And she gave the best answer, "because if God is really doing something here, I want to be a part of it." Oh man, is that great or what?! What she said next really touched my heart. "You are always so passionate for the Lord and so encouraging and I have really missed that."
 The rest of the night we talked like old friends. Chit chatting about things and people. We laughed, we cried over stuff in the past, and in the end we prayed. Our talk went on till almost 3 amWhen we finally parted ways, I was soooo happy. God had done it. The God who created the universe in seven days can easily set right a life that has gone wrong. And heal any and all wounds. Sarah has done the hard work of forgiveness. The thing about forgiveness is that it doesn't change the past, but it does change the future. And my future with Sarah has been transformed from being enemies to friends once again. PTL!


  1. And she gave the best answer, "because if God is really doing something here, I want to be a part of it." ...beautiful ending to a story about a new beginning.

  2. This is beautiful, Steve. Jesus...the precious redeemer of ALL things. PTL, indeed!