Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its been a while...

Friday morning I got back on the road after staying with a family in La Center for the night. On the look out for a coffee shop, I happened to stumble across Stone Hill Coffee House. I tied LeeRoy outside and headed in to grab a quick cup before heading out. Once in I was surrounded by a group of moms that were so excited about the goat and wanted to hear my story. Come to find out, they were they "La Center Moms Group" that get together at the coffee house and chat every Friday. They bought me some coffee and called Katu 2 News to let them know I was headed to Portland.

After a little bit, we headed out towards Ridgefield, Wa but at a record slow speed. LeeRoy was not in the mood to walk, given we had just walked 5 days straight, however I wanted to get to Vancouver as soon as possible. We stopped at East Fork Cellars and were warmly greeted by the friendly staff there. They were so insistent on buying my lunch, giving me a bottle of wine, bringing LeeRoy in and taking pictures in the winery. I have to be honest, I was so warn out and tired I don't think I embraced the moment as much as I should have... didn't really take the time to answer all their questions and share the story. None the less, I was very grateful for the warm hospitality. I rested there for a few hours and tried to start walking again but I barely made it a mile when I knew it was just time to stop and take a few days off.

My friend came and picked us up, then we headed to Casey and Lauren's house in Portland, OR.
*Quick shout-out ! THANK YOU SO MUCH Casey and Lauren for letting us stay at your place and for allowing LeeRoy to eat all your plants. Any time you need a prune job, you give us a call!*

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