Friday, May 4, 2012

Blisters on my feet....

Day two was rough. LeeRoy and I got soaked to the bone and had to find a spot out of the rain. We came across a bridge by a train track and decided to stay there for the night. I pitched the tent and went to sleep. I woke up in a frantic panic every couple hours from the high speed trains shaking the ground and the blaring horns as they went by. I pretty much got no sleep. Add insult to injury, my feet are an absolute mess right now... major blisters everywhere. I put some moleskine on them and continued on but I have to admit I'm blasted... hurting...wet... ready for bed. Gonna post up for the night.


  1. stick with it!!! you'll learn quickly as you go. My g-friend says to use duct-tape instead of mole-skin on your blisters...the adhesive is stronger and the exterior surface is more slippery so it doesn't get peeled up by the socks and shoes rubbing against it (she knows this from experience and learned it from a backwoods hunter)
    And hopefully u r wearing synthetic hiking socks, not cotton...if not, try to get the synthetics as they wick moisture better, helping to prevent blisters.

    From Matthew, they guy that gave you tea and chocolate on day two!!

    1. Matt, that tea hit the spot and was just the pick me up I needed. Your kindness was so encouraging... Thanks again!

  2. As always thinking of you... hope your out of the rain and warm tonight! Get some rest ;)