Monday, May 21, 2012


Day 20

I walked from Winlock to Vader in record time. LeeRoy was running the whole way, he has finally found his groove. As soon as I put his pack on him, he is ready to work. I started adding a little more weight to his load and slowly altered his diet so he has a lot more energy and he's maintaining his weight. Its an interesting thing, taking care of a goat. We have gotten to know each other really well (I know that sounds weird) but I can truly tell when he is tired and starts to get fussy. He looks to me for security, much like a shy child that hides behind his parent. For example, like when there are dogs that aren't on a leash in the area and come charging our way, LeeRoy runs behind me to signal that they're coming. I immediately turn around and start yelling, kicking rocks, anything to get the dogs to back down. We make a great team!

We stopped in Vader to have a quick bite and rest for a few hours. An older couple paid for my meal while I was there without me knowing, what a blessing! We then got back on the road heading south towards Castle Rock. It seemed like every 1/2 mile, someone would stop me asking about LeeRoy, what we're doing and how they can help. Feels like LeeRoy and I are making friends everywhere we go! We walked till about 10pm in the rain, where we ended up camping in bushes. Needless to say, we didn't get the best nights sleep but woke up and walked on to Castle Rock. This stretch of road has been by far the most dangerous we've walked. Not only was it raining with low visibility but everyone was driving extremely fast. Multiple times I've had to grab LeeRoy and put my back to the car passing by closing my eyes saying "Here I come Jesus" … C R A Z Y!

It is currently around noon and we're at Lacey Rha's Cafe ( Thank you for letting us post-up for a few!). My gear finally starting to dry out however my "water proof" socks are still wet. The forecast for the next few days is RAIN RAIN RAIN so I'm debating on whether or not I want to stay here and sleep under the bridge or head out towards Kelso.

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  1. Loving the post this morning! Thanks Steve. I sure hope it stops raining soon too. Keep up the good work. I loved hanging out with you this past weekend. Take care!