Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ready to get back on the road...

Day 19

Many of you are following my journey on this blog and have requested that I post more often.  I will try my best to do so, however a lot of times I'm out in the middle of nowhere and have little to no service.

A friend of mine was competing in a 3 day Equestrian show this weekend, so I took a few days off to let LeeRoy rest in a barn while I spent some time catching up with friends. Most of the time I hung out with my friend Michele Church, a woman I met while in bible college years ago. We used to go in groups to juvenile ditension centers in the Seattle area and do outreachs for the youth. Those were the days!

We spent a lot of time talking about what God is doing in Uzima and through needle2square. Michele recently had a birthday and was saying that she wanted to go on a mission trip to Africa but now feels to old with nothing to offer. She wished she had gone to nursing school earlier on in life and had received a degree to specialize in something that she could then offer on the mission field. It got me thinking about how many other people sit at home thinking that way... that they're too old to go out and do something for the Lord, that they too have nothing to offer. We talked a good couple hours about fear and self doubt.  One of the things she mentioned she likes to do is sew and that she's always wanted to go to Africa and teach people there how to sew but she didn't feel like it was important enough. I reminded her of all the people that thought walking across America was a bad idea/ insignificant and that bringing a goat was absolutely foolish. I reminded her that when God guides, He provides... its not about your ability but your availability. I think often times we hide behind the phrase "I'm waiting to see if its God's will for my life" but time passes by and we end up not doing anything.. not going anywhere. 

The next day we hung out some more, sat in the grass watching the horses as she asked me about my childhood. I think to a certain extent we all come from interesting families with difficult situations. I didn't handle mine too well. When I was 12 my dad passed away of cancer and my mom was maintaining a 4.0 GPA in college while struggling to keep her marriage together. My stepdad and I never got along (the typical disfunctional family kind of stuff) and I ended up making a lot of bad choices. At 15 years old I was sent to a desert program and then from there to an all boys ranch.  To be honest, looking back at it now those experience are something that I value very much. I learned to be independent and self sufficient, no longer relying on my parents.

 In sharing this with Michele, we started talking about the youth juvenile centers again and had the idea that as I walk across America I can stop and share about my story and how the God of the Universe who created the world in 7 days can also change their lives... no matter how far off the path they've inspire them not to give up.With that said...this is where I need your help!  Please pray for me, for the right doors to be open,  and the hearts of the kids I will be sharing with across the US. Also, if you know any chaplin or anyone who can get me in to these juvenile centers, please contact me at

Its raining today and I'm planning on getting back on the road this afternoon. I'm heading down from Winloc to Vader, north of Kelso,Wa. Feeling refreshed and ready!

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  1. Wish I had known about your journey earlier. My friend has been doing outreach at JDH in Portland for years ... but I see you've already passed by this way.

    I'm enjoying reading through your blogs. May God's abundant grace continue to follow you on this journey.

    Blessings to you!