Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Physical assessment...

Day 12 I'm almost 2 weeks into the walk and my body is not happy. My back aches from caring the extra weight from LeeRoy's pack. My feet are covered in blisters, my muscles aren't completely sore but they're definitely fatigued. I'm sun burned and covered in bug bites in places I don't need to share. Overall though, its not that bad... it sounds a lot worse then it feels. The hardest part of each day is when I first wake up and all my muscles have settled in ... like I have really been put through the wringer but after the first 1/2 mile, the pain starts to go away and I'm able to find my groove. Sunday morning I woke up in Tenino and went to service at First Presbyterian church. I was really excited to be a part of the service but what I enjoyed the most was communion because this time was unlike any other time before. The congregation walked up front to receive the bread and the wine that were being served by an elderly couple at the front of the stage. To each person taking communion they whispered softly "this is Christs' body, broken for you. This is Christs' blood, shed for you." Those words were not uncommon to me, I've heard them said before from the pulpit but this time they were more intimate and echoed in my heart for the rest of the day. These kinds of moments are what have made this trip thus far so amazing!


  1. This is Leah u met me tonight at the loves truckstop in napavine Washington with my cousin Jessica. I was wondering if u will be walking thru Toledo Washington at all thru ur journey.... that is where we live. If so I was going to ask if u may needs place to pitch ur tent for the night if u may want to camp at my parents house we have 12 acres so lots of room for a tent.... I would have to ask my parents if they would mind but I'm sure as long as u make sure to leave no trash I'm sure they would be fine with it. So it was just a thought....

  2. I just passed you on Military road In Winlock, WA and had to stop you. We have a lot of farms in the area and I have a bunch of goats on my farm right around the corner from where I stopped you. A guy with a goat wearing a bright orange coat is a little out of the ordinary for this area. You shared your story and it was inspiring and I wish you the best in your journey. I will follow your story and support you however I can. Thanks for passing through Winlock, home of the world's largest egg and sharing your story. I will share your story with others and hopefully drum up some more support for you and your cause! - Mark