Friday, June 1, 2012

We got on the news...

Friday evening I received a phone call from Sarah at katu 2 news, saying she received a tip about my story (thank you La Center Moms for the tip call). We had an hour long conversation about the story of Needle2Square/ Uzima and scheduled to meet in downtown Portland at Pioneer Square at noon that Sunday. We arrived in Portland early that morning hoping it would be less busy, boy was I wrong...It got chaotic quick!I was having a hard time addressing the people's questions and making sure both them and LeeRoy were safe. Everyone wanted to pet him, thinking he's like a goat from the petting zoo.

At noon, Pam from Katu 2 meet with us to do the interview and we had such a difficult time! As I was trying to answer her questions for the story, random people interrupted us asking questions, wanting to take pictures, and touch the goat. *What you didn't see on the news* While I was getting interviewed a dad and his kid came up to us from behind and got down to LeeRoy's level to take pictures and pet him (without asking me). By the time I turned around, it was too late. I looked down and saw LeeRoy horn the poor kid right in the cheek. I immediately pulled him away, trying to make sure everything was ok, apologizing for what happened but the dad and his kid ran off without saying anything. TALK ABOUT STRESSFUL!!! I turned back around to finish the interview and the news camera was right there, capturing the whole incident. I felt SOOO bad! I had a hard time focusing on the rest of the questions that were being asked from that point on. All I could think about was the kid and if he was ok.

We finished the interview and headed back to where we were staying. The story was aired multiple times over the next few days in the Portland/Vancouver/Metro area. Now everywhere I go people ask, "are you the guy that was on the news the other day?" Thank you Pam and Katu 2 for the awesome interview! Since then, other stations in other cities have picked up the story and aired it as well.

Word is S P R E A D I N G!!!!

Check out the interview at


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