Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 piece suite

 I enjoy a nice pair of slacks and a crisp button up shirt; tie maybe. It's not often that I dress like I stepped out of a GQ magazine, but I have always wanted to. If I could wear a three piece suite everyday, I would. I often envision sitting with friends around an old dark wood coffee table, the kind that is a little too low to the ground, as it sits atop an area rug. It is surrounded by big leather chairs with really tall backs that are so large that even a six foot tall man would feel small in. The leather is old and warn and the chair raps around you as if to give you a big leather hug.  I imagine the lights are really low and we sit with cigars and shoot back a glass of old scotch while theorizing about life and politics.  
    My life couldn't be farther from that. The three piece suite that I wear consists of grey synthetic shorts, fitted by an orange sleeveless running shirt with a breathable back panel, and then a safety vest to top off all of that swagger going on, haha. My leather chair ... is me siting on my back pack, and my dark wood coffee table is my lap.. No cigar and old scotch. I have warm water and an energy bar. 

I walked fifteen miles from Granby to Fraser Co. On my way I was stopped by a guy named Scott. He brought LeeRoy and I all kinds of food and water and treats-such a great guy. We chatted a bit and discovered that I had met his girlfriend back in Granby. Now I am continually in awe of the people that I have met along the way. The generosity and outpouring of support touches me to the core. Here is one example that brings to light exactly what I am talking about:  I had left my hat back in Steamboat Springs. Scott looks at me and says, "looks like your getting some sun, do you have a hat? I smiled and said, "I did, but I left it in Steamboat Springs." Before I could get the whole sentence out, he had pulled off his hat and handed it to me and said, "take this one, I have a bunch." I graciously thanked him and popped it on my head. He drove off and LeeRoy and I munched on some of the treats that he gave us. 

We walked about another five miles up and over a little hill. At the bottom was a white fifteen passenger van.  A few ladies in their early 20's jump out. They began asking me questions and explained that they work at a summer camp up in the mountains but  live in Frazier, which is some ways off.  Kate, the one clearly in charge, told me that we could stay at her apartment with her husband and her. We exchanged numbers and the plan was set.

About a mile down the road, a family in a mini van pulls over.  A dad, mom, and three boys come strolling out. I could tell that they were shocked by the sight of LeeRoy and I (makes me chuckle inside every time). We got to talking and hit it off. Here was another cool moment: The whole family prayed for me.  They all gathered close around me and the dad led us in a very touching prayer; so humbling. When people that I don't even know, pray for me and this project, I feel like it is God's provision, his looking after me and sending blessings of support and encouragement. This is the fuel for my whole walk.

To be continued....

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