Monday, September 30, 2013


I'm not ordinarily the kind of guy that gets all emotional at nature. I don't get overly sentimental at a moonlit sky, snow covered mountain tops, or sunsets over looking exotic beaches. I can appreciate it's grandeur and beauty on some level. I can enjoy it. But even after seeing the awesome complexity of something like say, Yellow Stone Park, I don't have a moment with  "MOTHER EARTH".  Instead, I always think, "this is so incredible."  But it has it's place. God is the creator. Seeing all of the splendor of the world gives me confidence that God is real. It points me back to Him and draws me to worship. The realization of God's magnitude has lead me to this one very defined moment of absolute truth:

Joy is incomplete without worship. 

Let me illustrate what this means with a real life example: When you watch sports and your team wins a big game or someone on the team makes a huge play, there is that overwhelming zeal and excitement that you literally cannot contain. The joy you feel in that moment leads to cheering and praising of the team or player; you are giving worship.  I have some of my own moments that lead me to worship, such as: Lake Louie's in Canada, the starry skies in Kansas, and the moody cold emotional ocean shores off the Oregon Coast. The joy that I find in those beautiful sights and places lead me to worship the creator- NOT the creation.  If you are standing before the ocean and are struck by the awe inspiring immensity of it all and think, "oh Mother Earth ".... then you are missing the whole point.  Here is another way of looking at it: take any amazing work of art in a museum. Though the exquisiteness of the piece may draw out a certain emotion, the glory still goes to the artist. The painting didn't create itself. The whole thing came from the imagination, mind, and the hand of the artist.

 My point is this ... don't miss the point... What ever beautiful scene you are looking at in nature, it's whole purpose is really to point you to God. To worship GOD.

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