Saturday, October 5, 2013


I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive, but I get way deep into things. I absolutely love music. It sets a tone, a vibe for me. Sowhen I hear a song that just gets inside my veins, that I connect with; it feels like it comes from my own heart. I’m not talking at all about the words. It’s the sounds the melodies, the emotions that it brings out of me. Do you know what I’m saying? That groove that makes you want to play air drums or sing in the shower. I will listen to that one song on repeat and the rest of my world will just disappear. It is just that song. That’s not obsessive is it? I think that I just go through phases when I really like stuff, but other people would think it is an obsession.

I remember this one time I got into this monster energy drink phase; green flavored. I say green flavored because it is definitely not green apple or melon. It just tastes like the flavor green. I started with just 1 can a day, then it became 2, then Iwent to the bigger cans and I had 2 of those a day. I would wake up in the morning and feel so horrible. I would go to the gas station by my house on the way to work and buy a green energy drink. I would get it, I would open it, and as soon as I smelled the deliciousness of it I would feel a chemical reaction in my body.  I would start to feel better before I even tasted it.Rainbows, unicorns, leprechauns, clouds; it felt amazing. Me in a spacesuit and a cowboy hat, maybe a trident too while riding a dolphin; the feeling you expect when taking a sip of a monster energy drink. I was in my own world of awesomeness. This went on for about a year. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. Why would anybody not want to feel this way all the time? Iwas eventually drinking 3 XL cans every day. I was going broke and my health was deteriorating. This is the God’s honest truth:I had sores in my mouth and on my tongue where the energy drink was literally rotting away my flesh. On some level I knew this was bad for me, but I needed them. They were so good. Iremember opening up a can and thinking that I know this is going to burn so bad, but I need to drink it. I have to. It’s so delicious. During that time I was working for the school districtin Spokane, Washington as a Classified Substitute. I picked up a shift at a drug rehab facility for kids called Excelsior Youth Center. During one of the classes, the teacher was going through the signs of addiction. While she was talking, it became abundantly clear to me that I was addicted to monster energy drinks. It was my obsession.

I eventually kick the habit. I lost what the point of the story is about. Who is up for a monster energy drink? I am having a craving for one just because of writing about it. I need to make an outreach call to my addiction support group. Haha. Maybe Iam obsessive...

Okay, I know where we’re at. I walked to Fraser. I was about 3 hours outside of Fraser, Colorado.  For the entire 3 hours I listened to Up and Down by Cesar Comanche. It just has that groove to it. It has that chill vibe to it. It’s not the song that makes you want to go to the club and twerk. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to get in your car on a sunny day and cruise. So, with the sun shining and my headphones rocking, I walked the last few miles into Fraser.

Earlier that day, I had made plans with Kate to stay at her and her husband’s house. I had stopped at the gas station on the far edge of town to call Kate to get her to come pick LeeRoy andI up. On the way to her house she told me that they had planned a BBQ and it’s the perfect time for us to be there. We got to her place and I found out that she lives on the second story of an apartment building.  We made a plan to put LeeRoy on her deck. It’s a pretty big deck; enough room for about 15 people, a goat, and BBQ. People kept trickling in and we talked about the goat. I was telling stories and having a good ole time. It was really awesome. Everybody was so cool; that kind of subculture Portland hippie vibe. You know, with girls who have mustaches just as thick as the men. They don’t shave their legs, and I’m embarrassed by how little armpit hair I have compared to them. I must be missing a chromosome or something because my mustache looks like 6 spider legs coming out of my upper lip. In my defense, since starting this project I have grown some hair on my back. So I do feel a little bit more manly. Maybe it is just a late puberty spurt. I think I am going to be a hairy old man.

Anyways, I was really tired from the day and drained from the heat. So I was in the spare bedroom asleep by 9:30. At about 4 o’clock in the morning I got up because I had to use the restroom.  This is one of my most favorite moments of this trip so far. Let me paint you a picture. There is a 5 ‘8” well-built man asleep on a couch. Around his waist is a rope that is tied toLeeRoy who is laying down in the middle of the living room.The coffee table is blocking his way into the dining room and I am in shock. It is a complete riddle. Why is my goat tied to this man and in his living room? Whose idea was this? What was the thought process? Did something happen? Why didn’t they wake me? Riddled with questions, I got my camera out. I took a picture and went back to bed. The next day when I got up everyone was gone and LeeRoy was back on the deck outside. So, I packed up and we headed out of town.

About a week later, Kate passed me on the road. I asked her why LeeRoy was in the house. She had no idea. It’s still a mystery to me, but it’s so funny. I love this project.

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  1. maybe he thought Leroy needed to be inside overnight, but wanted to keep him this was his solution. And he didn't want to wake you this is what he did. Nice guy...