Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bear spray or party horn?

Here's the are diving down a 2 lane highway in the middle of no-where late at night...the road is straight and seems to go on forever.  You haven't seen any signs of life in a long time, not a town a house or even another car.

Then out of no-where standing almost completely in the middle of the road are 2 guys and a goat motionless in complete darkness starring off into the distance. You slow down to get a better look... Neither of them move not even an inch. You speed up and think, "was that real?!?!" Then all of a sudden 2 big black figures jet towards the road and you almost hit whatever it is.... You get so freaked out and speed away.

This is the setting for our little story today. St and I had walked most of the day and made it to Ironside, which is an extremely small town. It had no stores or gas stations, not even a church. In fact the only thing it had was a cemetery. St made the comment "the only thing people do in this town is die!"  We had a good laugh about it. We left Ironside about 9-9:30pm to try to get a few more miles in. We headed in to the night at the most desolate part of my trip so far. It was all dirt and tumble weeds nothing else for as far as the eye can see.  It was completely silent out there not a sound, not even a cricket. We talked about girls and life... told stories of all the times we made fools of ourselves for a girl. Times we had huge crushes and got completely rejected... so funny. 

This one time I was in the 5th or 6th grade and I had this huge crush on a girl named Megan. Oh man, I though she was as good as it gets. So one day I decide I'm going to tell her and ask her to be my "Girlfriend". So all day long I asked this girl out and got  completely rejected. Not once not twice but five times I asked this girl to be my girlfriend. Haha oh man...finally I decide to get down on one knee and ask her for the fifth time. You know something grand and sweeping.....romantic even ( I either don't take no for an answer or I'm just completely stupid).  At the end of the day we would put our chairs on our desks  and line up to be dismissed for the day. There in line in front of everyone in the class I laid it all out on the alter of love. I got down on one knee and asked her to be my girlfriend. She just rolled her eyes and said no ( in that mean girl tone of voice) and turned and walked Away. Haha... I can laugh about it now but my little elementary heart was crushed. I had to go to family counseling for like a year (not really) mean girls suck!

Ok back to the real story. So about the time I get done with the story, St and I hear and see to big black figures moving around about 40 yards ahead of us. St sees them first and points them out to me. I turn on my head lamp to get a better look at what they are but my light is only good for about 15 feet. I turn it off so we can see better. Ok better isn't a good word. Anyway, all we can do is make out the 2 large shapes moving around. As we keep walking they start heading towards us. When your in the middle of no-where and it's dark, everything seems like its charging right for you. St asks what do we have for protection? I take off my back pack and pull out what seemed to be the smallest can of bear spray and a party horn. Funny thing is we had a little discussion on who would use what. In the end we decided that St would have the spray and I would get the party horn.  By this time the figures stopped moving and we kept walking forward. We got a few yards and then stopped as the figures started moving again. About that time I could hear a car in the back ground coming our way. I tell St we should just stay here and see if the lights from the car will give us a better look at whatever they are. As the car comes up from behind it starts to slow down as it gets close. I can only imagine what the driver was thinking as he saw us motionless staring down the road . The car speeds up and then slams on its breaks and swerves hard. I could see the 2 figures run on the road and heard there feet briefly on the pavement. The car ended up speeding off. I'm sure whoever they were they had to be super freaked out. 

We never got a good look at the mystery figures. We decided that we should push on and find a place to camp down the road away from the "sightings".

We headed a ways down the road and set up camp just of the highway (if you can even call it that). Just before bed I was standing outside the tent, I turned off my light for a few and looked in all directions. There was nothing in the distance.... just pitch black no lights at all, no cell tower lights not even the moon was visible. And it was just complete silence. I was freaked out a bit....being a city kid, I love the sounds of the city.  After a while the silence was broken by the coyotes in the distance. So I headed to bed.

We never did find out what those two figures were....

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