Thursday, August 2, 2012

4 blocks to Idaho

Today was a very hot and long day. We couldn't seem to beat the heat and went very slow with a lot of stops. We only had 10 miles to go to Nyssa which is right on the boarder of Oregon and Idaho. We stopped in Nyssa for the afternoon and stayed till evening. We first stopped at Bobs bar and grill for lunch. It's was soooo good. We met some really cool people that were also eating there. When we went to pay the bill the table next to us had already paid it. So Amazing! Then we headed a block down to the Thunder Egg coffee shop. We charged up our phones, drank a ton of coffee and rested for a few more hours. We were determand to make it to Idaho tonight! After all It was only 4 blocks away. I want to give a shout out to everyone at the Thunder Egg coffee shop! They were so kind and hooked us up. THANK YOU!

Ok so here's the deal when I accomplish a goal I set for myself I get stupid with laughter .. And crossing the Idaho border was one of those times.. For the most part I just giggled the 4 blocks to the sign. 

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