Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Its true what they say, goats are A LOT like dogs. You can teach them all kinds of tricks like to come when you call and to sit or lay down. I'm going to teach mine to shake. I don't know how I got blessed with an amazing dog and now an amazing goat... THIS GOAT IS INCREDIBLE!!! An absolute show stopper! I took him for a 7 mile walk in a neighborhood up in North Seattle this week. Every single car stopped, people came out of their homes, it was crazy. It took me a long time cause I was stopping every few minutes talking to the curious neighbors... " why do you have a goat?" "why are you walking across America?".  Its a great way to share with them the story of Uzima. I didn't expect this but often times people right then and there will reach into their pockets and give me money in support of Needle2square. Totally unexpected,what a blessing! This is the goat of destiny...

Naming a goat is no easy task... I mean when you choose a name you really want it reflect the personality/ character of the animal and this goat is no Popsicle! So I came up with a name.... " Lee Roy.... Lee Roy Brown, coolest goat in the whole dang town!" Dogs beware! You mess with the goat, you get the horns!

* UPDATE* Louie is doing so much better! He's not fully ready to go on the walk but he's looking a lot healthier and his legs are getting stronger. The plan still stands... he's going to meet me hopefully in Spokane a month or so into the walk. Before he  comes out I will make sure he gets checked out by the vet. If all goes according to plan, there will be 3 of us walking across America.


  1. Is there room in your tent for all three of you? I also really like the name you picked, I think you should do a video blog about it and dance with your goat to the song.

  2. Just saw you on the news in Portland, OR. Where can we donate to the cause?