Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All that's left to do is PRAY...

I really can't prepare myself more then I already have... I may not be physically prepared but I definitely feel like I am mentally and emotionally ready. Today is Wednesday April 18th which marks exactly 2 weeks before I leave. As I've been praying more and more for this trip, I find my focus shifting from the walk to the needs of Uzima. Here's their last update and prayer requests:

·      Join with us in thanksgiving for all the Lord is doing here!
·      Pray God continues to open up doors in other parts of Kenya for further trainings in this ministry. Even now, we have been contacted from churches in Busia and Kisii that which to join with us!
·      Pray that God provides the support we need to continue on. We are currently in desperate need for more beds for the children.
·      Lastly, we are so excited to share are new rehab facility will open up in the next two weeks, and we have 12 young men to be admitted! Join with us in prayer that God would bless this new ministry for His Kingdom.

To be honest sometimes I feel like doing this walk isn't enough... I want to be in the field/ I want to be there. However as I pray I know that this is where the Lord wants me, the walk is what I'm suppose to be doing. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for this opportunity to raise funds and share their story but I look at the next year and I feel like my whole world is put on pause. I'm not an outdoors-men, I'm not a hiker, I enjoy the city life! Not mountains and rivers but skyscrapers and concrete. So here I am, I put my life in storage and leaving my friends to be alone in the woods, trusting that the Lord is going to use what looks foolish (walking across America with a goat) for His Will and His Glory.

Join me in prayer for Uzima and Needle2Square! Thanks again to all who are supporting me; everyone who is sharing about Needle2Square and Uzima! I am blown away by everyone's constant encouragement and support. I may be the one doing the walking but we're getting the story out together!

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  1. Amen, you are in our prayers here brosef. Sometimes in life there is a shaking of the sorts, but after the shake comes breakthrough and Glory.
    When you get scared or stressed just remember it's the shakethrough before the breakthrough!
    God is going to be with you every step of the way, simple faith is all you need Santino.
    Rock it, and walk hard my friend.