Monday, November 26, 2012

Twin Falls Idaho...

I've been out of cell service range and I hate that. I feel the most alone when I can't  call anyone. To have, at the very least, the comfort of someones voice at the other end if I need it. I'm about 10 miles in to the Cannon east of Spanish Fork and I'm headed to Price Utah. From what I hear it's about 60 miles away. I hope to make it there in about 4 days. So much  happens everyday, a book could be written about my time thus far in Utah alone. We will get to it...

Ok so back to Jerome Idaho. Early in the morning I was dropped off at subway restaurant where I was picked up the night before. From there it was a short walk to Twin Falls. When I pulled off the freeway I headed to the Flying J gas station where I was greeted by a really cool guy. He used to work in Hollywood on all kinds of TV shows. Hollywood squares, jeopardy and a number of others. We talked for about 20 minutes outside the gas station and then moved it inside to the truckers lounge where we talked about an hour or more. I told him all about Uzima and Needle2Square. He loved it! So let me tell you a little about this guy. He's a savy business type from the Chicago area. He has a son in high school and was recently separated from his wife. How do I know all this? I asked him! I got the sense that he was at a crossroads in his life/ trying to find himself; where he fit in. He mentioned that he used to be sooo close to his son but now he was getting at that age of starting to not need him and I think that shock him up. I could see that his world was his son. His son didn't need him his wife didn't need him and that messed with him.

 I wanted to head in to Twin Falls before sun down so we parted ways and I started the 4 mile walk into town. Just before I make it to town I see someone walking my way. It was the same guy! He said he wanted to get involved some how so he started telling me all these ideas he had on how to promote better and what not. We walked through the town and ended up at Shari's diner. We talked more about his ideas. So here's where it gets uncomfortable for me. He starts saying I should get my food for free and says that he's going to go talk to the manager. 

Ok … I am not this guy!  I don't feel like this project makes me special and I do not want to use it to get special treatment. I'm not trying to get free stuff or anything like that. I don't have nor am I trying to get sponsors. If a company did want to sponsor me I wouldn't say no but I'm not going to try and sell this project. The best part of this has been not having to do that. I can not tell you how many times I been eating somewhere, sharing my story with someone while other people at a different table are listening in. Once I'm finish and get up to pay for my food, the people at the table I didn't even talk to already picked up my tab. It honestly happens more often than not. Its been one of the many ways how the Lord has provided.  My pastor used to say "where God guides He provides" or "if it's His will, He will fit the bill". That has been so true for my journey thus far. So many times weather its new shoes or a hotel or even new headphones. God provides ALL the time! People ask my often if I need anything and to be honest it's hard to say anything. I tell them " I'm good just give to the kids". That doesn't always work cause they want to give to me in some way.  

 I stayed with a family in Boise and my shoes have reached their end.  I needed to get new shoes at some point soon and Amy's mom comes out as we are leaving to town. She hands me $100 and says I want you to get new shoes but you have to get them TODAY.  WOW, what a blessing!!! I say all that to say this, my job is just to walk and share the stories. GOD has the rest under control. The interviews, the money, my needs... He has it. 

Anyway. The guy was persistent to say the least. We didn't get the food for free but we did get a discount and he ended up paying for my meal. We walked back through the city to his car and exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes and only talked a few times after that. 

I headed back to the freeway entrance thinking I was going to keep walking but later decided to not walk anymore. I waited till it was dark then I set up camp in the back  of a field the truck drivers seem to park in next to a restaurant. 

To be continued...

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