Wednesday, October 3, 2012


.. I feel like the last few blogs have been all about the worst of who I've been. It's far from over, and I know that there are a lot of things I still have to deal with. But the worst of it has been dealt with, or at I hope 

My mom gave LeeRoy and I a ride back to Boise where we spent some time camping at the fairgrounds.  I had the chance to speak at  Calvary Chapel Boise, and had an an interview with the news. They did such a great job with the coverage of my story.  It was cool cause It wasn't the normal shots of LeeRoy and I, Ya know walking and standing on a corner with all our geared on. But Instead they met me at a diner, I had a coffee cup in my hand and we just chatted. Some kids were there and they were also in some shots petting LeeRoy.

  Mymom headed back to Spokane and was getting ready to leave for Kenya on a missions trip where she was going to have the opportunity to spend some time with the kids of Uzima and then head back in to the back country for some other stuff. After she left I spent some time with friends and then started walking through Boise once again. A few really cool things happened as I walked through the city. The news had aired my story a few time(I think on the 4-5 and the 9-10 news shows) So the word was getting out and in a big way. I was at a cross walk waiting for the light to change. It does and I started to step off the curb when all of a sudden a fire truck pulls up and blocks all the traffic,  they  had their lights on and a few of the guys jumped out. They hand me some money for a donation and gave me a ton of encouragement. At first I was worried and slightly freaked out that I was in there way. they pulled away  and the light changed but no cars were moving, everyone was staring at me. I laughed and pointed at the light and traffic started moving again.  It was so wild. I finally made  it to my friend Noah's house later that night. LeeRoy and I slept on the porch and headed out fairly early the next morning. I walked through town and was stopped everywhere I went. It was more than usual but I think it was because of the news coverage. I had lunch at pizza shop and sat out side where LeeRoy was tied up just on the other side of the fence. After a bit a police officer shows up. he rolled down his window and yells, "hey has anyone talked to you about you're goat?" I said, no. He began to tell me that he had received a call about animal abuse, and that the goat had no water. We both looked at the water bowl setting in front of leeroy about a foot from his face. We look back at each other and both started laughing. I got up and walked over to him, I handed him a card and showed him what I was doing and he ended up donating to the cause, it was so great. Another cool thing..earlier  on in this trip I met some guys that were biking from Boise to the coast.  Well I ran into them in Boise where i got to catch up with them and hear all about there trip. The crazy thing is  that this  happens more often than you would think. I had met someone in Yelm Wa. and ran into them in John day oregon. 

When I finally got to the edge of Boise things seemed to get difficult. I couldn't find a back road that cut through to twin falls. I ended up getting lost. I missed a few turns and all the roads I tried seemed to be dead ends. I ended up walking 12 miles out of the way, and man did it suck.  I finally headed back to where I last had forward progress and started there the next morning. I made the decision to walk on the freeway. I was seriously freaked out about at first, but it turned out to be one of the safest and best roads I had taken so far. The only problem I had were the bridges.  

A few high lights on the freeway were the truck stops.. I try and find a place to camp close by and enjoy the truck stop life.  So far my favoriet has been the Boise stage stop.  I don't know how to describe it but,  perfection. Little restaurants and old farm equipment outside for decorations.  I set up camp way back in the parking lot next to an old tractor. The sun was just starting to go down and it was still warm out.  I climbed up on that old tractor and made a few phone calls.  After that I  put on some music and just sat and watched as the sun set. It was a perfect "moment". Honestly I felt like I was at home again, LeeRoy and I on the road has come to be something that I love, and that is so crazy to me. I finally felt peace after a long few weeks of chaos. 

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