Saturday, July 14, 2012

The light in the night...

I can not tell you how blessed I am. Gods provision blows my mind. Not only that but He has put people in place around me to ensure that needle2square succeeds . On top of it all he sends these people out to me. Out to the middle of Oregon. The desert, when I need them. Connie and Gordon are two of those people.

As I said in my last blog we had planned to meet for breakfast Monday morning and that's just what we did. We talked a lot  but not about the trip but more about me personally.... what the Lord has been doing in my heart.  They gave me a lot of encouragement and I was so blessed by them. 

Here is the thing. Connie, Gordan and I could not be more different! However there is this unity in Christ that we have. It surpasses all the differences we have and we are able to have deep and meaningful conversations.

After breakefast  we made plans to go see LeeRoy. So we headed to the vet and I introduced them.  I checked in with the receptionist and got a total on the bill. It was not cheap! Before I knew it Connie pulled out cash and payed the whole bill.  I was so so grateful!!!! I never think saying thank you is enough.  We left LeeRoy there for one more night and headed to the store so I could get food and supplies. Driving to the store they put on some worship music and Connie started singing. I started tearing up a little. It was just a perfect time to worship and give thinks for the Lords blessings in my life... Once at the story, they again payed for all my supplies and I was again speacheless.  We went from there to the hotel and and the blessings kept a coming. God is soooo good!

Ok so here is just another God thing! I mentioned in my last blog that I was trying to change LeeRoys diet a bit. I had a conversation with my "goat Guru" about a new feed I should use. Well... When we got back to the hotel, Gordan and Connie started packing up to head out but first they had a few more surprises up their sleeve. They opened a bag and in it was goat feed. THE EXACT FEED I NEEDED! Can you even believe it! God knows what He's doing. I was soooo stunned! 

Just before they left we prayed together. I sat in a chair, Gordan was sitting on the bed and Connie was standing. They each put there hands on my shoulders and started praying for me. I can't tell you what I felt.. I can't write what happened or explain it, but in that room 101 at the Little Pine Inn, the Spirit of the Lord showed up. They prayed blessing and strength over me. I started crying and confessing my doubt in myself and lack of faith that the money would be raised. I also prayed about my pride and ego. That I would die to my self and let the Lords light shine. 

Here's what I know...the Lord is at work in this...and in me.... I have experienced the Lords blessing, provision and grace.... Here's the kicker... it's not the blessings that I'm so grateful for but the opportunity to experience Jesus that has forever changed me....

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