Friday, March 2, 2012

We are exactly 2 months away from the first steps of my 3100 mile journey across America. I can't tell you how excited yet scared I am! Going over my gear today, I realized I maybe "a little" under prepared. I don't have a knife, first aid kit, solar panels to charge my phone, food plan and I'm not sure how I'm going to carry enough water to last me town to town. My goal is to have an ultra light pack under 35lbs... minus food/ water and the above items listed the pack weighs 28lbs. Clearly you can see I still have a few logistical problems to solve.  Also trying to figure out how I'm going to edit/ post video updates while on the road. Debating between a Kindle Fire, ipad, and the Nookie... any suggestions???

Stay classy America (haha)
Steve & Louie


  1. Hey Steve! I met you & Louie outside Uptown Espresso today. You may want to reach out to my pals Alex & Lisa who are traveling the world for 2 years getting married. They can give you tips on connectivity & other technological challenges....Best wishes to you both!!! You are an inspiration!

    Here's their info:

  2. Hey Steve,
    Have access to all of those... it comes down to how important size is, and what apps you'll use (and whether they're available on your device of choice). Also, if you want 3G (Cellular) access - you'll need to go iPad - if you're ok with WiFi only, all 3 are viable choices.

    Happy to pow-wow with you on those if you want...

    Grace to you, and peace.