Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watkins 9/10/14

Just continuing on my little adventure.  I had just left Denver and I walked through Watkins which is just this little town.  I mean, it was really great actually.  Watkins was probably one of my more favorite towns.  It was in the middle of nowhere with just a truck stop.  Mostly everything was abandoned.  I walked from Watkins to Bennett and this was during the time when they were having all that flooding in Boulder, Colorado in 2013.  There were literally crazy storms going on.  The most wild storms you have ever seen!  Just before I got to Watkins, the storm was so wild.  Sand and dirt were being picked up from the ground and were hitting you as well as rain, just incredible rain.  There was nothing out there; it was just flat.  There were no trees and no shelter.  It was really unique; a really unique time in the project because of all these storms.  Every night, every day, just storm after storm after storm so we were forced to try and get hotels as often as we could just to stay protected during these storms.  One storm in particular, it was so bad I thought that we were in some serious danger.  There was no bush or anything on the ground; there were no trees and there was really nothing to protect ourselves.  It seemed like the storms came out of nowhere.  All of sudden the sand and dust would be blowing over the road and you couldn't see anything.  You literally couldn't see in front of you it was such a bad storm.  The rain was coming down and then it would stop and the wind would come and it was just this mix of rain and dust and sand and wind and it was so chaotic.  This one time there was literally nothing to shelter LeeRoy and I so we went over to this barbed wire fence post and I remember getting LeeRoy kind of underneath my poncho and just hanging on with my hands wrapped up in the poncho and kind of making this little shelter that covered LeeRoy and I.  He is getting freaked out and trying to move around and I am kind of freaked out.  Probably for about 30 minutes it rained and we are just completely soaked; I mean just head to toe.  There is sand blowing everywhere and all over our bodies.  It was pandemonium!  Probably the worst storm we have been in so far.  It was crazy because every morning we would wake up and it would be kind of be bright and sunny, but then I would have all these alerts on my phone that said severe storm warning coming.  Literally every night for about three weeks there were these crazy, wild storms.  It was wild; probably some of the most wild times.

When I was in Watkins, this friend of mine named TJ who makes skateboards had sent me one.   He sent me this skateboard to kind of cruise around the cities.  That was really cool, you know.  I believe that was pretty close to my birthday because I remember at the same time I had was that my birthday?  Was my birthday in Denver?  I think my birthday might have been in Denver.  I can't remember.  Anyways, I had received a gift from my friend.  Wow, how did I get that gift?  Aubrey Roy, how did you get that gift to me?  Anyways, I had received a gift from Aubrey and when I was in Watkins...I must have got it in Watkins.  Crazy!  Anyways, I was able to get my gift and she sent me some cool things. I hung out and had some fun at the truck stop in Watkins.  You know, it was crazy.  Emotionally speaking, I kind of felt like I was in a weird place.  Looking back, I kind of see my mentality was weird.  I wasn't really focused like I wanted to be. I got this skateboard and cruised around and made a little video about this skateboard.  It was pretty awesome; pretty funny.  I really enjoyed it.  I carried it for a while, I really did.  I carried that skateboard for a while.

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  1. you should post your travels on a map. I would love to see everywhere you have travelled with LeRoy