Sunday, August 31, 2014

Circle of Death

The next day I met up with this woman.  Her mom had met me probably about two months earlier in Steamboat or maybe a month earlier in Steamboat Springs and I will never forget it.  Her mom and her sister were driving a big white dodge and they pull up right in front of me and they step out and they hand me a very large sum of, well not a very large, but they handed me a big donation.  They said hey, I am going to tell my daughter about you when you get to Denver.  So when I got to Denver, she had already looked me up and we had met at this place downtown.  It was great.  We just sat, talked, shared stories; it was epic.  I have a lot of fun talking to people.  As we are walking it is starting to get dark we are going to go down town.  I was supposed to meet Cash at this event called the Circle of Death. The Circle of Death is a bike ride and everybody meets at the end of this bike ride at this park downtown Denver and I guess they just ride around in a circle.  Well, I ended up going to this Circle of Death and it was awesome.  But on my way there, we were walking up 16th street during the nighttime.  So, I was walking up 16th street and 16th street is the place where all the happening things are; bars, people hanging out, everybody having fun.  We walk right up 16th street.  She is with me, people are taking pictures and a guy on a pedicab pulls up next to me and he says, "Hey, I remember you.  We met in Steamboat Springs."  There is a common theme to these stories.  I met a lot of people in Steamboat Springs.  He says, "Hey, I met you in Steamboat Springs, I would like to give you a free ride up 16th street."  Of course I say, "Yeah!"  Now if you don't know what a pedicab is, it is a bicycle that has one front wheel and two back wheels and across those two back wheels is a bench that you sit on and has a place to put your feet.  Well, the first question is, how do you get a goat onto a pedicab?  What we did was, my friend and I sat on the bench and LeeRoy stood where your feet go on the pedicab and this guy rode us up 16th street towards the Circle of Death.  It was HILARIOUS.  Everybody was coming out, losing their minds that this guy was giving a ride to me and my goat.  People were taking picture after picture, we were surrounded by people.  Any time we had to stop, people would run out and take our picture.  They would get in the way of pedicab so he couldn't go anywhere and take pictures.  It was HILARIOUS.  It was so much fun.  We had a blast.  I can't tell you how much of a thrill it was.

 We get done, we get off, I shake his hand and say "Hey man,thanks."  He says, "No, thank you for what you are doing man."  I get that a lot.  "Thank you for what you are doing."  I don't know how to take that, but I take is as a compliment I guess.  "Thank you for what you are doing."  It was cool.  We kept on walking.  Eventually we get to the Circle of Death.  It's kinda weird.  It looks like kind of an old, almost like an outdoor amphitheater kind of thing.  It is a circle that is sunk into the ground.  There is a way that you come in and then there are steps, big steps that you sit on.   So it is about five rows high and you sit on these steps and in the middle is a circle.  At one end of the circle is a stage where people hang out and talk and stuff.  So we had gotten there before most of the fun happened.  At the other end of the entrance of the circle, there is this big long concrete path and it has all kinds of vendors.  It is about 11:30 now and all the bikes start showing up.   There are probably like 200 bikes and they start riding around in this circle and then there is music playing, a rapper shows up, and everybody starts getting off their bikes and start dancing and it fills up quickly.  It was epic and you can imagine that a guy with a goat at an event like this is a BIG HIT.  It was a hit.  People were coming from everywhere.  I made a bunch of new friends.  People who still to this day send me care packages.  It was such an awesome time.  Eventually I met Jackie and Cash there and I stayed with Cash another night and he drove me out to his place.  It was great.  The very next day I saw the opportunity.  Cash was leaving for the weekend so I couldn't stay at his house anymore so I made plans in my head...well to be continued...

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