Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 2, 2014

It's 8:02 p.m. and I am just on the east edge of Kansas City and I'm actually behind some kind of abandoned building. Laying down on my sleeping pad. I can feel the cold bricks of the building on my right arm. I love to lay down on the ground and look up want the sky.and through the trees. There's something about looking at the world in a different angle. Anyways  LeeRoy and I are kinda doing some urban camping; hiding out.  We are gonna stay here tonight.  I am waiting for the sun to go down completely so that I can pull out my sleeping bag and head to sleep.  I'm kind of in a vulnerable spot.  People can see me. One thing I have gotten good at is hiding in plain sight. There is a church just beyond the edge of these trees just behind this abandoned building and I can see people driving in and out of the parking lot.  Today is May 2, 2014 and it's interesting to be back on the road again.  Lots to talk about.

I think the first things first. the Falk family; Loren, Jenny, Caleb and Riley.  Man, what a blessing they were.  Most of you guys probably don't know this, but I stayed with them for much of the winter in Silver Lake, KS and it was an incredible time.  We became legitimate family.  Like we are legitimate family.  And that's really cool to be able to say that.  I could write a whole novel on just hanging out with them and all the cool things we did; playing pool, coffee time.  Coffee time was the best part of Falk family fun.  Falk family fun, ha!  At night we would sit in the living room, all of us, and Jenny would make coffee for us and we would have coffee before bed. We would have bible study and pray together.  It was pretty cool.  I enjoyed it.

We got a late start today.  I started, obviously, at the Nelson Museum, downtown Kansas City.  I had to run some errands before I got here and yeah, it started out pretty well.  Immediately when you walk with a goat, it's right back to the swing of things.  People taking pictures, talking to you, asking you all kinds of questions.  So it took me a while just to get a small amount of miles.  I only got eight miles in today.  That's okay though.  I'm okay with it.  LeeRoy and I enjoy hanging out.  You know, we took a break today kind of by this little hideaway place where it was just me and him and no one was staring at us or paying attention to us and so we were just kind of hanging out, I was itching between his horns and he was rubbing his face on my knee.  We were alking and I was telling him,  "I think this is the year, you know.  I wanna finish this year."  I would like to.  He just kind of looked at me as if to say, "Whatever, I am down with whatever."  It's just cool to have my faithful friend back and to be spending time with him. I am a lucky guy to have such a sweet goat.  Ha!

To kind of rewind the story a little bit.  Just two or three days ago I spoke at the Rescue Mission in Topeka, KS; the homeless shelter.  It was an incredibly humbling experience.  You know, I got there and my heart wasn't necessarily ready to speak.  I think I was mainly focusing on preparing to walk and I wasn't focusing on what I had to say necessarily.  So, I definitely didn't have any expectations on anybody giving.  We did some worship and I could hear them singing and my heart started to soften as I listened to them sing. I started to sing myself and I just kind of got to this place where I was excited.  I wanted to be there.  I wanted to share with them and I started to want to do a good job.  Not that I ever don't want to do a good job.  I guess sometimes I don't necessarily feel like doing anything; I don't know.  Anyways, it was BEAUTIFUL.  I got up there, started sharing, telling stories and ya know, I would make a point and they would start clapping.  The whole room would just start clapping and I remember thinking like, no one has ever clapped for me before.  They usually just sit there and stare, ya know.  So I started telling some jokes and kind of feeding off their energy and we just had a great time.  You know, I never once petitioned them or asked them for money, but the guests, the people that are staying at the Rescue Mission, gave more than most of the churches.  I am literally saying most; most of the churches that I have spoke at and I can't even tell you how humbling that is.  How WILD that is.  I mean it was shocking and at the end they got in a line; there were 20 people in a line waiting to  talk to me and ask me questions and tell me their stories and how it moved them.  It was such a blessing to hear them and hear their stories too and to see them give.  I mean, I just, I am honored.  I can't even believe how amazing that is.  I am not trying to downplay other churches that haven't given or I don't want to be like that guy that, I don't know.  It just was beautiful, just was beautiful.  I love to be a part of that kind of stuff.  Just makes me want to do better; go harder. I want my life to be marked by giving.

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