Friday, July 12, 2013


I woke up the next morning in a clean bed, wearing clean clothes and with a clean body... It felt funny. I think I find comfort in the dirty dude vibe now… I know, kind of gross. We got ready and headed over to the concert for the sound check. The singer kept asking me questions about the walk between songs and I have to say I remember the band being cooler back in the day… haha .  I waited till they were done and headed to get my picture taken with the band. I don't really know what happened but they took off before we got to take a picture together. It's all good though, I really wanted to go so I would make it on time to the the Relay for Life event. I got there just before the opening ceremonies and found a spot in the grass at the side of the stage. Just trying to avoid being in the middle of the crowd. The opening of the event was a little awkward to say the least. A man came on stage to sing but it didn't seem like he even knew the words to the song. He kept on shuffling through his stack of papers as if he was looking for lyrics. A few cool things happened like meeting the vice president of The American Cancer Society. We took pictures and chatted a bit.

I don't know what my expectations were for the event but whatever they were, that was not it. It was more like a carnival with games for kids, people camping out and just a family fun event. I  personally took this very seriously and it touched a bit of a sore place in my heart. This wasn't suppose to be some fun event. This was about the lives ruined by cancer. I was thinking a lot about the last few times I saw my father and was struggling to hold back tears ( I realize now that I'm a bit of a crier haha). My head was down and I was trying not to make eye contact. I didn't want to socialize, I wanted to grieve my father for a bit.

During the ceremonies they said no dogs were allowed but I had asked the event organizers 3 different times if it was ok that I walked with the goat and they really wanted me to stay and walk with Leeroy. However everyone around me was like "they said no pets" and every second person was sure to remind me of that. It didn't help that those who didn't care that Leeroy was there actually wanted a picture with him. My heart was just not in to it at all. I didn't want to share or take pictures. After about 4 times around the small track I left very disappointed by the whole thing.

 The next day I went to the bank, then to the post office and that afternoon while I was chilling in my hotel room Dominos pizza called ME and asked if I wanted a pizza…hahaha…they called me!!! I thought that was pretty funny. When the delivery girl came with the pizza she asked for a signed stack of cards for all the workers back at Dominos. She kept telling me that I'm famous and that everyone knows about me. Its kind of a strange thing to keep hearing cause I definitely don't feel famous.  Thanks to everyone at Vernal Dominos Pizza and thank God for His constant provision. 

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  1. Steve, I LOVE that Dominos called YOU!!!

    I'm sorry that the day didn't go as you had anticipated it would. I'm sorry you felt alone in your grief. It seems that God is even using those rough personal moments to impact the people around you - even when you are not interested in sharing your story or in interacting with others; God is. He still uses you to draw their attention.

    I'm thankful that He is constant; that He is reliable. I'm thankful that He consistently loves us in our good days and bad. I'm thankful that He takes our weakness and uses it in ways we never could have planned for ourselves. I'm thankful that He reminds us that He sees and knows and cares in such ridiculous ways as prompting Dominos to deliver a pizza at our door!

    It is really beautiful to see what God is doing. I'm so glad you are sharing this journey with us through social media and this blog.

    As you head out across those dauntingly vast fully aware of His greatness...and be truly encouraged that at the same time He is intimately concerned about you.