Friday, May 24, 2013

Am I going crazy?

If you haven't driven on highway 6 from Soldier Summit to Price Utah, its something you have to experience! Personally I love the city, that's no secret. I love the business of it all... people everywhere, apartment buildings, sky raises that seem to touch the sky....But something happened yesterday… I found a new joy. I don't even think joy is the right word. I found a new love! There was this moment... I was walking around 4 miles past the Summit when I hit a stretch of flat road. At about the middle I could see several miles in every direction. The sky was perfect blue with out a cloud to be seen. The sun hung high in the air but the air was crisp and cold. Felt like a tug-of-war between the heat of the sun and the cold of the air on my skin. There were no cars in sight and I had a moment when I felt like I was the only person on earth; absolutely alone but not afraid. It was totally quite and peaceful. It had a majestic feeling to it. All I could hear was the sound of my shoes shuffling acrossed the rocks that coverd the edge of the road. Along with the pitter patter of Leeroy's hoofs hitting the asphalt. I stopped and just took in the moment. Something has changed in me…. this is the first time I have ever truly enjoyed the outdoors.

The next few miles I thought about how I used to love being at a spot in the city, drinking coffee, people watching and just feeling the energy around me. I truly love the city life and honestly hated spending time in the "Great Outdoors". But I found this new affection for being out in the middle of nowhere. There's no flashing lights, no people, no business... It was perfect!

One of the things that I enjoy doing while walking this time around is listening to audio books. I'm currently listening to "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. It is awesome! I put my body on auto pilot and drift into the story. Speaking of stories, here's one for you….

Often times as I'm walking I spend time praying for my friends, my family, the Uzima staff and kids, for Leeroy and for this entire project in general. Here's where it gets funny. As I'm walking yesterday I started praying for a couple who are going through a difficult time. She's condescending and belittles her husband while he looks for reasons to stay longer at work and not come home. I was praying that their relationship would be restored and that they would develop an understanding for each other when I realized…. that this couple are actually two characters from the book I'm listening to. THEY'RE NOT REAL!!! I was confused and in shock that I started praying for people that technically don't exist.  I promptly ended the prayer with an "Amen" while laughing to myself. Am I going crazy?


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  2. You Should Be A Poet! That Is So Cool!! :)